Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Date Balsamic Star Marasca Set

Product description

A perfect pairing every time!  Enjoy this international best-selling oil paired with one of our very own award-winning vinegars in our 250ml Marasca bottles.  Exclusively available from vomFASS.

Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  An excellent oil for finishing poultry and fish. Simply grill chicken, duck, or salmon, then drizzle with this oil while still warm. Or, use our Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the perfect complement to brighten up your fruity salads and fresh vegetable dishes. This oil makes a delicious aioli for dipping asparagus and other vegetables.

Date Balsamic Star:  Because dates only ripen at temperatures between 87°-96° F, the raw ingredients for this balsamic specialty comes from the Near East.  This is where the “real" date palm originates and the best quality of fruits are produced.  The vinegar obtained from date wine is enriched with date juice concentrate until its acidity level is only 3% -- a unique product that need not fear comparison with the matured Aceto Balsamicos!